Attention payment terminal users – To continue taking payments, download a software update to your terminal immediately to receive the TLS v1.2 and SHA-2 encryption and security standards. Visit the POS terminal page for instructions!

As your payments processor, one of our highest priorities is to help you keep your payment data safe.

Time to act
We’re updating our systems to a new global security standard – TLS v1.2 protocol and SHA-2 level certificates. Act now to keep your payments running smoothly after the migration.
Why are we upgrading?
Due to ever-evolving security vulnerabilities, the industry is phasing out SSL and early versions of TLS encryption to the more secure TLS v1.2. Additionally, a transition to SHA-2 level certificates will strengthen our ability to keep your card data secure through stronger encryption and authentication.

Who’s impacted?
These world-wide changes – spearheaded by Google, Mozilla and Microsoft – affect all customers and partners with an IP connection or Internet/browser-based solution.

What do you do?
Migration to TLS v1.2 and SHA-2 – and more secure payment processing – is just steps away. Click on the tab corresponding to your specific solution and follow the guidelines.